About JB

Our Story

…is about restoration for the working class. Part of our vision involves revitalizing the value, care, and appreciation for the people that help make all companies great. At Juicy Bird, we identify this group of people as our “Front Liners”. In most cases, “Front Liners” carry the benefit of fulfilling jobs that are often devalued and shunned. We would like to bring honor back to those roles. Our first step in doing so is to birth a brand that is value-focused, performance-driven, and that recognizes the value in our team members better than any other organization.

Our goal..

is to saturate the state of North Carolina with appearances from our J. Bird food trailer, featuring our great food. We will continue providing service with our food truck but plan to add brick and mortar locations that will provide additional services and accessibility for our customers. We envision there to be a future national demand for our great food and service, which we plan to embrace enthusiastically.