Why Juicy Bird?

Because of JB’s dedication to fresh ingredients, great food, great people, customer care, and the cultural vibe of excellence that permeates through every aspect of our business. JB Wings

Our Mission

God first in everything we do! We serve each customer with an attitude of excellence and purpose, to deliver the highest quality food and customer care guided by the 4G principles:

Experience the difference…

Why Is Juicy Bird Relevant?

“Juicy Bird” is a people driven, environmentally conscious, for profit restaurant business.   The culture of Juicy Bird is people driven and customer focused through a demonstrated effort of providing high quality, savory poultry dishes, and uncompromising customer service.

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We would love to cater your event! We can bring the Juicy Bird Truck or we can provide traditional catering services.

All of your Catering questions can be found here

If you are interested in Juicy Bird catering your event, please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly!

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Naked Bird

Juicy, fresh, herb marinated Chicken Breast, dusted with our own special “JB” seasoning, Grilled to perfection!


Perfectly fried naked wings, seasoned to the bone.

Whole wings…No pieces!

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Juicy Melt

5 layers of mouth-watering cheeses between two slices of butter toasted bread! Palate pleasing pleasure in every bite!

Bird Dog

Smokey Turkey Dog on a lightly toasted buttered bun, fresh toppings, and home-style flavor.


Not Mama’s Mac N Cheese

Extra creamy layered home-style macaroni and cheese, topped with a salty, buttery, bread crumb crunch!

Home Style Potato Chips

Fresh cut, thin sliced Idaho potatoes cooked to perfection and dusted with a special “JB” seasoning!


A combination of fresh vegetables, citrus notes, and soothing textures!


Creamy southern-style grits slow cooked to perfection

Potato Salad

Cucumber/Tomato Salad

Fresh Salad

More Food: continued ………………

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